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specialty classes

Each year we use the special talents of our staff, interests of our families, and unique specialists we find inspiring, to add more specialized groups to our program. These often run immediately after the morning preschool classes but before the afternoon sessions so that parents have only one drop-off/pick-up obligation.

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We will also offer classes starting around 3:15pm for families attending other neighborhood schools.

To enroll just send an email:
[email protected]

Classes are 1 hour long and cost $400 (Fall-10 Classes), $560 (Spring-14 Classes).

Spring "Pre-sep" and Summer "Gentle Sep"

Spring - March, April, and May we will continue to offer the same times we have been offering - Monday, Wednesday 1 - 2:15pm, Tuesday and Thursday 10:30 - 11:45am. Classes are subject to minimum and maximum enrollment.

Summer 8 weeks - 1/2 June, July, 1/2 August we will do an hour and a half long 2 day a week program that will begin to prepare kids for separation. Parents will stay, but move to the sidelines. The idea is to give kids the opportunity to get used to the space, without establishing the expectation of playing with parents the whole time they come here. It doesnąt take the place of the phase-in portion of the year, and isnąt required, but we hope it will make it easier, and most importantly be fun! Also open to children not starting our program in September.


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