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parental involvement

Parents have a voice in most of the decisions made in the school, and organize all the fundraising (generally a yearly auction which helps fund scholarships, capital improvements, and a professional development fund for teachers).

The most important way you contribute to the school is by making the teachers feel appreciated. The feedback and trust teachers receive is a huge part of their motivation. In an environment that is about process rather than product, it is enjoying the teachers' stories about the kids, sharing observations, and learning from each other as well as from the children. In a traditional and more authoritarian model, parents expect the teachers to know exactly what they are doing and be constantly in control. Though some degree of control and expertise is necessary, we want the children to feel a sense of control, and we want teachers who are responding to the uniqueness and individuality of each child, which involves a lot of trial and error. We also do not expect all parents to be the same, to know what they are doing, or to listen to us. When we take each other for who we are, and appreciate the reflective process, no one feels judged or self-conscious. It is a community of learners - whole learners who respect cognition, behavior, and feelings equally - it is not just the kids who are in this process. It is a whole atmosphere that the parents are constantly involved in.

For some parents it is chit chat at pick-up and drop-off, for others it is emails with cute pictures and videos. We always love to hear how and what the kids share about school at home.


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