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Village Kids Nursery is based on the premise that kids growing up in downtown Manhattan have rich lives full of various kinds of stimulation. Their exposure to sights, sounds, flavors, and people are unique in both quantity and quality. These children deserve a school experience that helps them make sense of their world. Children should be developing the skills needed to create meaning and joy from their real experiences, rather than an arbitrary set of corny, "pre-school" cliches.

The purpose of Village Kids Nursery is to provide a safe, stimulating, creative, respectful and nurturing environment for students, families, and teaching staff. Children between the ages of 2 and 5 years old are being introduced to the world outside their family for the first time. Their first experience at being part of a community should reflect the idea of how communities work when people choose to be part of them out of care for each other and themselves. The right emotional environment allows children to feel free to try new things, ask questions, explore ideas, and discover themselves.

Respecting the roles we each have means trusting teachers to teach, parents to parent, and children to learn and inspire all of us to be our best selves. When these roles come together, they support each other by understanding each other's individual needs rather than subscribing to a rigid system of rules and artificial consequences. Teachers with diverse styles are encouraged to bring their creativity to the classrooms and engage in a process of developing themselves through explorations with children. They are fostered like artists, not supervised like technicians. Children are encouraged to create, experiment, and explore their world in an optimal environment where the emotional dynamic, physical space, and schedule of experiences are designed to help them succeed and flourish. next >>

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