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At Village Kids Nursery we strive to have an inclusive community. This means a relaxed admissions process, generous financial assistance, placing value on diversity, and accommodating children who have needs requiring additional attention.

All children have needs that are special, but we as a staff have some experience dealing with children with "special needs". Most children start school at 2 years-old, and it is the first time any professional has had an opportunity to observe the child at any length. Our inclusion mission began by trying to adapt to meet the needs of children who were identified after joining the community, and extended to include kids whose needs were not understood elsewhere.

Navigating the complicated network of professionals, often frustrating system of getting services paid for, and taking advantage of the services available requires some specialized knowledge. We have regular service providers we partner with, relationships with ongoing schools, a system of coordination such that providers are meaningfully included in the life of the classroom, and their expertise benefits all the children in the Village Kids Nursery community. Being part of an inclusive environment has noted benefits for atypically-developing children in that they have the opportunity to model behaviors from typically developing children. It should be part of every child's education to know that people learn differently. The extra attention that all the children get is an added benefit. The range of needs in the classroom are carefully balanced to be of best service to individual children and the community as a whole.

Opening this fall, and Enrolling all year - Morning spots available!

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