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No one can claim that growing up in lower Manhattan is quite like growing up anywhere else in the world.

My name is Molly Malone. I was raised by an artist and a musician, in a loft on the Soho/Village border. I started working in nursery schools and day care 15 years ago while still in high school. Village Kids Nursery is the culmination of my entire lifešs personal and professional experiences.

I was the director of another neighborhood school for 5 years. I had the privilege of being able to run a very high quality progressive school in the neighborhood where I grew up with a lot of creative freedom. The schoolšs owner, and my mentor, was a Bank Street College proponent, who was open-minded enough to let me include much of my Montessori background into her program. The professionals and families I worked with were inspiring. I believe we built an approach not only to the curriculum, but to the community that extends the major modern theories of education to create something respectful, creative, smart, flexible, and accountable.

Though many of the professionals who helped our program develop have moved in other directions in their professional lives - gone back for other degrees, had babies, retired, or moved abroad - they are still around to be part of the growth, and development of what we created together. Please see the Friends section for more information about the people who built this school.

Our location is new (and under renovation), but even the "new" staff are veteran teachers with specialties to bring to the program, and a commitment to the premise of the school. I bring with me the perspective and professional relationships that matter to downtown families, from on-going school contact, to therapists, to restaurants. I hope that out of the collective experience and philosophy, it will give families the confidence to enroll in a new neighborhood school.

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