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the basics

Village Kids Nursery is located on the second floor of 244 W 14th street near 8th Ave. For those of you who partied around here in the 90's, it used to be Nell's. The school will be comprised of 5 classrooms and a large indoor gym with big, sunny skylights.

Two year-olds attend from 9am-12pm, three and four year-olds come from 9am-1pm. We offer 2, 3, and 5 day options for two year-olds. All three and four year-olds come five days a week. The school year starts with home visits the week after Labor Day, has a gradual transitional schedule for the first few weeks, and ends at the last week in May. There is an optional summer program that runs six weeks - two weeks in June and four weeks in July.

Classes are small with a high teacher to student ratio. Two year-olds have a group of 8 students, three year-olds have a group of 10-12 students, and four year-olds have 16 students. Each classroom has a teacher and an assistant.

Tuition Tuition covers the entire September through May school year including the adjusted schedule for Phase-in. Tuition is paid in three payments: in March, June, and September. 2006-2007 tuition will be pro-rated based on the school start date.
2 day$8400
3 day$9950
5 day$12,600
3's and 4's
9-1pm, 5 days a week $13,650
January 2's is a special program that starts in January. Tuition covers a 2 day week for five months of the year. $4000 is payable in 2 payments in November and January.

Village Kids does everything possible to accommodate families who want to join us. To apply for a tuition adjustment, please send us the first two pages of your tax return, and a letter describing your financial situation, including major expenses, and any changes since the return was filed, and how much you can afford to contribute.

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