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the application process

As a new school we will be doing continuous enrollment, which means families will add on to our classes year round, and we will try to adapt the process to make as much sense as possible considering the somewhat unique timing. The traditional enrollment process is as follows:

application and tour
Some families apply before they tour, other families tour before they apply. We only require applications first when the tour schedule fills up to the point of becoming unmanageable. We only do individual tours with each family which is somewhat time consuming. Tours are generally for adults only because it is easier to get all your questions answered that way. We make exceptions to this rule at the parent's request.

We do want to meet the kids! Not in an interview setting. Mostly it is to fall in love and get excited about the kids who are coming. Our small group play dates are late enough in the process for parents who toured early to ask some new questions, and for us all to get a better feel for each other. There is nothing the children can do in these play times that will affect their enrollment.

Basically we collect all the applications by January, meet the kids in February, and send out placement letters in March. The January start program is less formal. We take applications all year and send out placements in November.


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